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Ace Summer Work & Travel 2020

Together Ace International

Summer Work and Travel

We are a cultural exchange agency that connects you with other cultures in the United States during your summer vacation, we focus on all participants having the necessary guidance and preparation.

We open the doors for you to have a sensational experience and push your horizons towards the gear of success.

USA-ACE Job Fair

Ace International guarantees that you will complete all your processes, from the application to the interview with your sponsors; from your interview with the consul, until you arrive in the United States. And even there, we are growing together, day by day, understanding other cultures, making new friends, making sure you live a unique vacation.

Everything you need to know

To apply with us you must complete a series of steps that go hand in hand with a formality of requirements.


The Ace International university student must be 18-28 years old.


Our applicants must be active university students. You have already started your studies.


They must have basic knowledge of the English language. An interview with us will determine if it applies.

Culture Lover

The main reason for each of our students is to increase their cultural coefficient in the U.S.

Desires of overcoming

Every day our students spend in the U.S. Injects a dose of reasons to want to overcome.


Having completed our program, you can be a totally independent person.


In our program, you can improve your budget so you can stay during your stay in the U.S.


Dozens of skills that you didn’t know you had, will wake up each interacting with other people.

Professional Development

Nothing more rewarding than developing professionally, acquiring skills than only in the U.S. you could get

ACE is Passion

We must give society what she has been giving us during all these years, so the Ace International Social Development Program has been activated by offering help to schools and orphanages in the Dominican Republic, for the sake of a better future.

Ace International donated more than 300 books to the girls and adolescents of the Hogar Rosa Duarte School.

Do you want to apply with us?


“Go wherever you go … go with all your heart.”

Ready to embark on the journey of your life?

We must give society what she has been giving us during all these years, so the Ace International Social Development Program has been activated by offering help to schools and orphanages in the Dominican Republic, for the sake of a better future.

Ace International donated more than 300 books to the girls and adolescents of the Hogar Rosa Duarte School.

With you from day one

Ace International keeps in touch with you from your application day; Our representatives and cultural managers will provide you with an optimal service.

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For the interview with us you must bring the copy of your ID, the copy of the university study schedule and the payment of the interview that are RD $ 1,500.

Selection Proccess

During the selection process we keep in touch with you via e-mail, and contact number.


The process for the Ace Summer Work lasts from when you apply with us, until you return to our country.

Class Schedule

If you have finished your semester and enrolled in another, you can keep the most recent study schedule. If you have not registered for the new semester, but you have finished the previous one, you can take the copy of the previous study schedule.

Finished your career

If you have finished the race or you only have one semester left to finish, you cannot apply with us; The Ace Summer Program is for active university students who wish to improve themselves and increase their cultural coefficient for 4 months, then return to their country to continue studying.

The Internship program is for students at the end of the Hospitality and Tourism career, or recent graduates of that same career (with no more than one year of graduation), from 25 to 30 years old, and with knowledge, intermediate-advanced, of English language.

As of December 2018, more details about the Internship Program will be given.

University Letter

A series of documents will be requested once you have been chosen. By then, you must keep a record of university studies, issued by the university; Original signature and stamp.

Este documento sólo lo puede solicitar cuando haya sido aceptada/o en nuestro programa.


Our email is Through this, you can follow up on your selection process.


We have a department that filters the needs of our employers in the United States, and this, together with a series of requirements we observed during the interview, allows you to determine if you could really apply to our Summer Ace Program.

This department will send you an email to tell you if your profile was accepted, or not.


Once accepted, the logistics begin. You will receive emails in which we will ask for the necessary documentation so you can have your first interview with the “sponsor”; The person in the United States manages employment that will help you stay in that country, to pay for your new lifestyle.

Note: our students empower themselves with their new lifestyle and understand that what they will earn in the United States will be sufficient help for them to live a unique experience.


Already finishing the process, we must have an intrinsic relationship with you; We use tools such as email and WhatsApp. However, given the number of students requesting assistance, we have chosen to recommend that our students create a unique email address for scares of Ace International.

Said email must put it with notifications that reach your mobile.

This is because sometimes the student provides us with an email address to which they do not have access, or one that receives too much spam and makes it difficult for them to read our operations regarding their case.


Do you want to know more about the cost of the program? Send us an email to and write in the subject “Program Cost”. One of our representatives will send you the information in pdf.



Without a doubt, all your travel process, all the papers you must have up to date, Ace International will help you optimize the arrangement of your documents. We will be asking you for necessary documents to file on your profile, but we will also ask you to bring important documents on the day of the interview with the consul.

Before the trip you will also need to prepare a combination of documents. We will be with you from the beginning to the end.

Biggest Job Fair in the Country

You will meet your employers from Face to Face

In our Job Fairs you know your employers. They interview you; They give you information about the place and about the hourly payment.

Keep in touch

We want you to have the necessary information about our program. We have decided to launch our Ace Blog to keep you up to date with the latest news, and about the inspirations of our students.

Immersion english: Tips

The biggest mistake a English graduate can make by immersion is not going on graduation day. This may sound somewhat exaggerated.

Pronunciation Exersices

The main reasons to visit the United States are multiculturalism, vacations, and improve English pronunciation.

Book Sign

Great are the days to come and we want to share them with you. You come back to the Dominican Republic after a few months of fun

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We don’t like to give sermons; Otherwise, we prefer to show pictures of kittens dancing or babies smiling, but there are moments when

Steps to do Ace Summer

In the Dominican Republic, if you are say 27 years old, and you are a student at the university, but you are still in the middle of the career

5 websites to practice english grammar

The main reason why workbooks are so boring to fill is because they are … boring.

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