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Ace International

Live an experience and perfect your English with our cultural exchange programs.


In your Ace Summer, we open the doors for you to have a sensational experience and push your horizons towards the gear of success with your cultural exchange.

You must be 18-28 years old. The Age and the four-month courses in college should go together.
Our applicants must be active university students. You have already started your studies.
You must have basic knowledge of English. An interview with us will determine if it applies.
Every day our students spend in the US, Injects a dose of reasons to want to overcome and be better.

Additional Information

Active Student?




You will last 3-4 months in one of the States of the United States working to maintain and continue doing your cultural exchange.

  • Meet new friends
  • Practice English level
  • Gain independence
  • Belong to a community

Benefits of Summer Work

The benefits of doing Summer Work with us are too many to list here. Have a positive posture on the whole process.

Culture Lover
The main reason for each of our students is to increase their cultural coefficient in the US. Labor exchange is necessary so that they can be maintained. This gives them self-reliance, and self-performance.
Reasons to apply
Dozens of skills you didn't know you had will wake up every day interacting with other people. Whether at work, in transportation, with your cultural colleagues, while you speak English with a native, your skills will grow day after day.
What to Expect in the US?
Once you have completed our program, you can be a totally independent person; You will have the ability to think outside the box, thus helping critical thinking and decision making for a total experience.
2019: Total Experience
Professional Development
Nothing more rewarding than developing professionally, acquiring skills than only in the US. you could get And once you return to your country, you will see beyond those lived realities, and you will be a totally different person.
Job Fairs: A Total Success
For the interview with us you must bring the copy of your ID, the copy of the university study schedule and the payment of the interview that are RD $ 1,500.
During the selection process we keep in touch with you via e-mail, and contact number. It is important that you give us this correct information.
The process for the Ace Summer Work lasts from when you apply with us, until you return to our country. The process is long but necessary.

Apply today. Satisfaction guaranteed.


Find out why our participants choose us.

Frequently asked questions

The minimum duration is 3 months and the maximum of 4 months of work, with a maximum space of one month for vacation, as long as it does not affect your first day of classes in the four-month period September-December. After his return to the Dominican Republic.

The jobs assigned by US employers are usually jobs in basic functions such as organizing rooms in hotels, ATMs, waiters, receptionist, chefs, lifeguards, machine operators in parks, etc.

Students receive salaries just like any other young American who works in the summer; They are always salaries from the minimum USD $ 7.50 per hour, depending on the laws of the state you are in, and salaries that amount to USD $ 12.00 per hour.

The J-1 exchange visa: The United States government issues the J-1 visa to people who participate in a wide range of exchange programs sponsored by schools, businesses and a variety of organizations and institutions.

This category J1 visa totally differs from the category B1 / B2 visa known as a tourist or pleasure visa, so that all those students who possess this type of visa, will need a category J1 visa to participate in the Summer program.

Our Company cannot guarantee a visa, since it is solely and exclusively the decision of the consul who conducts the interview at the Embassy of the United States of America, located in the city of Santo Domingo.

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