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Living in the United States: What to expect in a multicultural city

Unlike the Dominican Republic, the United States has greater cultural diversity in every corner of its 50 states. But, each state is different. How will we know what are the behavior patterns of the inhabitants of the cities where we will be for a little more than three months? Find out, it will be fun.

In the Dominican Republic, Spanish is the official language. Although we have a large number of people from other countries living regularly in our country, this language has not yet been anchored in the roots of our culture. Unlike the United States, this does happen. Spanish, and other languages, are unquestionably important in that vast country. It is even part of the educational curriculum.

When you arrive in the United States, don’t be surprised when you hear thousands of people speak a language other than English. This does not mean that everyone does not speak that language. What you should do is speak as much English as possible during your entire stay in the United States.

In the Dominican Republic we have an established cultural order. And although it is an order, some of us complain about that establishment; But we accept it. You will see things in the United States that are not seen in this country; This does not mean that one or the other is wrong. It simply means that we are two different countries.

The important thing is to adapt to the lifestyle. See what each of the inhabitants of a specific city does. Emulate the positive. Discard or ignore the negative. Remember that what each citizen expects from visitors in their country is that they can understand their customs. That way we would not dislocate its “established order.”

For example, we Dominicans like to call to call people. It is normal here. But it is not there. A handshake, a smile, and good morning are manners that every inhabitant of all parts of the world expects from anyone.

Do your research now. What time does your bus leave that will pass near your work? What are the recreational centers on budget that are close to your home? If you already know everything you will spend your time there, what could you study in English that would help you get better at your arrival?

Remember that you are going to make a cultural exchange. These are done by talking, working together, going out together. Let no one tell you how to make your cultural exchange. Prepare to leave them speechless.


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