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University Does Not Do Student: Do not leave subjects, or stop your career

We don’t like to give sermons; On the contrary, we prefer to show pictures of kittens dancing or babies smiling, but there are times when new information comes about the university regression that is disguising education today when students see it very normal to withdraw two or three subjects per semester -a times until the whole semester. It is here that we want to make an intervention and postpone the kittens’ memes.

The university does not make the student. Surely you have already read this sentence before. What is implied under this semantics is that regardless of the obstacles that an educational institution has, you are responsible for your knowledge and for acquiring the skills that your profession demands. What are the common factors that students use to justify so many withdrawals?

“I like the teacher.”
“Many fail this subject.”
“I am very charged.”
“I want to work and the university doesn’t let me.”
“I don’t have the materials for such a subject.”

1. “I don’t like the teacher.” All I heard was “bla bla bla bla”. If you are one of the students who want to know what Professor “X” is (not that of the X-Men) in a subject, you are not allowing yourself the challenge of absorbing knowledge and being evaluated by it. Is it not satisfactory when you study the materials assigned by the teacher and when you get an exam you get a fair grade? It is. Each teacher is different and its methodology too. Choosing a teacher that goes with balance to the level of procrastination you have is nefarious and mediocre.

2. “Many fail this subject.” The fact that many fail a subject has nothing to do with your performance. In fact, we must take up the challenge and see why others do not pass and some do. It is not real that 100% of those who register a subject fail it. Those that do happen will be doing something different like STUDY!

3. “I am very charged.” Record what your mind and resources can accomplish. If you work, do not take more than 3/4 subjects. If you don’t work, 6/7 is fine. Also, maybe it’s not too loaded that you are. Perhaps it is that you lack a study schedule that helps you to balance time; You may not study enough and believe that just reading before an exam is normal to acquire what you have learned. Incorrect. To acquire knowledge you have to study every day; At least 10 minutes a day.

4. “I want to work and the university doesn’t let me.” Decide: do you want to work or do you want to study? Answer this question yourself: what is more important: university or work? The university, without a doubt, will give you more than any job you have; unless you are already working in the area of ​​your career. For example, if you are a teller in a bank, and you study Accounting, and in the future you want to be a great Banker then you both have the same degree of importance.

5. “I don’t have the materials for such a subject.” Surely you have a cell phone. Surely you are reading this article from a mobile, and you have the courage to tell me that because you did not have the necessary tools to understand a subject are you going to withdraw it? The smartphone is used not only for whatsapp, or Dragon Ball Super, or some new Turkish novels that are out there … it is also a powerful search engine that keeps you safe from any race, reading articles, blogs, encyclopedias online, etc. Or you can also go to the university library and that’s it.

I want you to close your eyes. (after finishing reading, of course) and imagine yourself in a course where there are 35 students. Five of these are always participating, have books and copies of documents about the subject, and always tend to have the correct or incorrect answer about what is being said; Loving the debate more than the knowledge itself. You know these students. They are not geniuses, nor were they born with the gene of wisdom (that does not exist, really). They simply study and love what they do.

Do not remove materials. Love your subjects … all. See teachers, your classmates, university obstacles, and the education system in general as the gear that will shape your profession in the future.
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