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Immersion English: Tips for graduates

Error Number One

The biggest mistake a English graduate can make by immersion is not going on graduation day. This may sound somewhat exaggerated. However, this day gives a relief to your soul after having tortured it for months (which seemed years) of English after English, and of teachers who do not say a word in Spanish; to leave at 10 at night to do homework at the university, or complete reports of your work because ENGLISH BY DIVING DIDN’T GIVE YOU TIME. But our country, the MESCYT, deserve our gratitude and we will give it with much excitement and enthusiasm.

Error Number Two

Believe that you already know English and that you don’t need to study anymore. Go figure. You spend it from RD $ 100 to RD $ 200 pesos DAILY to go to your study center. Hard hours, above the 4 face-to-face, studying the language weekly. You miss the best series (unless you have Netflix), and the best movies (unless you have Netflix), and great moments with your partner (unless you have Netflix) to dedicate it to a language you love, What enriches you, what made you a better person, so that after you graduate you don’t want to watch a movie in English? Or read a book, an article, a newspaper in that language? Do not make the mistake of many, who do not practice for more than a year what they learned in English by immersion so that they will later forget it. So is. What is not practiced, is forgotten.

Error Number Three

Do not multiply your horizons. The Dominican Republic is the second Spanish-speaking country with the best English-speaking index. But we can take the banner from Argentina (who is the Hispanic country with the best English) by opening our horizons to different cultures. Yes. We can find people to chat with online, friends or family who already speak the language, but traveling to a country where English is a mother tongue will help us strengthen what we have learned. If you have the opportunity to travel to the United States for a few months, do it. Your English will thank you.

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