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The minimum age to participate in the Summer Work is 18 years. Although they can apply those who have 17 who will turn 18 before April 2020.

The maximum age is 28 years old. The closer the maximum age is, the greater the factors that contribute to the application of your profile.

While we don't expect you to have a C2 level of English, we hope you have a basic conversation level. This means that you should feel comfortable answering questions about yourself, and your family, knowing about places, and how to ask for directions. A person with a basic level also knows how to go to a restaurant or a hotel and master the level of English that They demand tourist places. In other words, you must have a basic English A1 to be able to apply. Usually two or three levels in any of the institutes of the country takes you to that linguistic position. The English by immersion does it in the first two months, since they are 4 hours a day of study of the English language.

To apply for this company you must be an active university student. You must have given a number of credits if you have just started college. If you started it in the same semester to apply for the trip, you cannot apply. You must have at least one full semester (semester) of approved, verified, and consecutive credits to apply for this company.

From the moment you apply with us until the moment you arrive in the United States ... from your accommodation to returning home, we keep in touch for your cultural experience to be as independent, intuitive, inspiring ... great.

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